Manfried Saves the Day by Caitlin Major & Kelly Bastow

Last year, Manfried the Man came out. It was about a cat whose man got loose, and he did an entire campaign to find him. In this alternate world where cats and humans have switched, it was a really fun read. Now, on May 14, you can see what Manfried is up to again!

The Catlanta Man Shelter isn’t doing super well. There are tons of stray men, a leaky spot in the roof, and not enough time to handle everything. But things get worse when they find out that their area is being developed for condos, meaning the shelter is being bought! Though the fat cat (literally and figuratively) from the bank offers to relocate them to a beautiful shelter outside of the city, Henrietta has worked too hard to just roll over. 

That means that our favorite gang of cats has to work together to raise the money to save the shelter, all while juggling their daily lives as well! They decide to enter the Manflower Man Show, as the prize money could buy the shelter. So it’s time to train some men!

This graphic novel was incredible. It took my love of Manfried to an entirely new level, as it showed the difficulties of juggling regular adult life with pets. It also had some fun references that I’m sure everyone will love!

Me, reading Manfried Saves the Day.

I absolutely adored Manfried Saves the Day. It’s beyond gorgeous, with a lovely story, and looks forward to a fantastic future. You can preorder a copy from Quirk Books!













All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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