Lélie Creamy Whipped Soap by Atlanta Body Culinary

This is another little trial size product from an Unplugged Book Box. I love trying products this way, because it’s better for my wallet and space; I’ve got a lot of old products that I’m working my way through that aren’t getting reviews. I like that I’m not always spending a ton of money on new items, when I get lovely products from Unplugged!

The Lélie soap smelled incredible. It was a beautiful citrus meets cotton candy scent, that I fell beyond in love with. It also lathers really richly, which transfers some of that beautiful scent onto your skin. 

This was my first whipped soap, and I really don’t think it was for me. Now, don’t take that as me saying it’s a bad soap; I love everything about this, other than the whipped bit! But because it is a whipped soap, I had to scoop out the amount that I wanted to use, and often found some of that scoop falling to the tub floor. I also got acrylic nails halfway through my use of this, and those made scooping even more difficult. 


I would buy the crap out of this as a different consistency, because the scent, skin feel, and lather were incredible. But I can’t say that I’m interested in any more whipped soaps. 

If you are a fan of whipped soaps, click here to check out some more of Atlanta Body Culinary’s products. Heck, if you like deliciously scented soaps, click it too! 













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