We Sold Our Souls by Grady Hendrix

Okay, I know that we all know that I absolutely adore Grady Hendrix’s writing. But I got an advanced copy of the new paperback release of We Sold Our Souls and it was So Good that I just have to talk about it a bit.

We Sold Our Souls is about Kris Pulaski, a washed up metal musician. She fronted Durt Wurk, a band that came inches from really making it. But one of the members, the Blind King, got a contract and really makes money. Kris is on a mission to talk to him about why no one else is doing as well as him, and finds out some wild stuff on the way!
First thing to know, Grady Hendrix writes gore like a champion. If you aren’t ready for that, this may not be the book for you. It doesn’t start with a crazy amount of gore, but Hendrix really digs deep to get there.
Also, this book is just so dang much fun! It has adventure, road tripping, a bit of conspiracy, and a music festival thrown in. It really hits so many good notes, pun intended, that I can’t recommend it enough. Plus this new paperback cover looks like a magazine, and that makes it even more fun!
I highly recommend reading We Sold Our Souls. The paperback comes out on the 25th, so you can preorder it now, or grab the hardback!
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