The Disasters Summer Challenge: Chapters 11-15

Alright y’all, lets talk about some of my favorite space babies!

The Disasters is a book that I was blown away by earlier this year, so when MK England (the author) announced a read-along, I needed in. This book is about four Academy wash-outs, and their mission to save the universe. It’s beyond cool, and I really hope you’ve been reading along, because I’ve got some killer questions from England, and I want to hear your answers!

Chapters 11–15

  1. This is definitely the most character-driven part of the book. Did the more character-based pacing bug you, after so many chapters of action, adventure, and explosions?

  2. Malik! The mythical golden child brother appears! What do you think of him, and of Nax’s relationship with him?

  3. We’ve seen two planets, now, and flown by another settlement that wouldn’t allow the crew entry. What do you think of these settings, and some of the others mentioned in passing? How does this universe feel?

  4. Okay, let’s finally talk romance. This book takes place over only four days, so there’s no chance to really get deep into a relationship, but there is certainly chemistry! Are you rooting for a particular pairing? Are you ambivalent toward romance in general?

  5. We’re heading into the last section of the book! Any last predictions? Things you’re hoping for?


Ok, I’m only going to answer a one of these here, because I want you to answer them, and I may have others answered on my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Since we’re here, I’m going right for question 1!

I absolutely adored how character driven this part of the book was. I feel like we learned so much about the characters and their relationships (and past) without it feeling like an info-dump. Sure, I learned all about Nax’s history, but I didn’t feel overwhelmed or bothered by it. One thing that I was blown away with by in The Disasters (both the first time I read it this year and now rereading it), was how incredibly England shows things. I feel like often there is the potential for an author just to tell readers things – about characters or plot points or anything – but MK England doesn’t do that. The way they write has things feeling so seamless that the character is showing us their vulnerability without us just reading about it.

I also had this overwhelming reminder of Alien while reading this book. In these chapters, there’s a point where our band of misfits is seated around the table of their stolen ship, and they go back and forth between making little jabs at each other, and getting things done. It felt a lot like the beginning of Alien, when everyone is at dinner right before things go sour.

I really hope you’re reading (or rereading!) along with us, and enjoying The Disasters as much as I am. You need to go check out this post to see where the read along concludes (this book goes by too fast). You should also enter the Photo Challenge (tag your photos of The Disasters with #disasterspride) and Spot the Nerd References, because you gain entry to some killer giveaways (including ARCs of England’s next book, Spellhacker)!


Here’s where you can (and should!) go to enter the giveaway! Make sure to follow MK England on Twitter & Instagram, and have a great rest of your day!







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2 thoughts on “The Disasters Summer Challenge: Chapters 11-15

  1. I think because of the compressed time frame, that the pacing is perfect in this book. After so much action, I needed a “rest” and the author provided this flawlessly. Nax’s brother surprised me in a good way. I think some of these planets and their entry policies remind me me too much of the US policies on certain ethnic groups unfortunately.

  2. “This is definitely the most character-driven part of the book. Did the more character-based pacing bug you, after so many chapters of action, adventure, and explosions?” No! As a rule I hate complex, well-drawn characters with fully realized thoughts and motivations, but you just have to hope that more things will get blowed up real good!

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