Tea Totaler from Lush

I love me some Lush, which is news to literally no one. I’ve been trying to improve my skincare routine in a couple ways; choosing products that are better for me and the world. Lush is the answer to that! So when I was in the store a couple months ago, I picked up the Tea Totaler, and have been using it ever since.

Tea Totaler is a naked cleansing balm. It comes without packaging, which is pretty dang neat. It’s a little disc full of oils that clean and balance your skin out. It’s one that they recommend for folks who have combination acne prone skin, which is me.
I use this bad boy at night, after I remove my makeup. I use warm water to rinse my face, then put the Tea Totaler directly on my face. After rubbing it in and waiting about 5 minutes, I rinse my face again, with cold water. Then I feel ready for bed!
I really love this product. It has really been helping my skin stay more clear, which is fantastic. Also, since it is a solid, naked product, it’s better to travel with! I think this is a fantastic way to end my daily routines, and I think it’s great for folks with skin like mine. Of course you should talk to the folks at your local Lush before buying it, but I really love how it helps my skin.
You can read more about the Tea Totaler here, why Lush is pushing for naked products here, and find a Lush near you here! Happy cleansing!
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