The Haunted by Danielle Vega

Gosh dang it, Danielle Vega has done it again! As a huge fan of The Merciless series and Survive the Night, I was begging The Haunted to come out. I’m a huge fan of reading horror and suspense novels, and I’ve found that no one hits the same notes in those categories as Danielle Vega. So of course I prioritized it when The Haunted was released!

The Haunted is about Hendricks, who moves from Philadelphia to midstate New York after a breakup with an abusive boyfriend. While no one knows the new girl, they do know about her house. 

A couple years back, a young man killed his little sister in the basement of the Steele House. Then, he went to the living room and killed himself. There’s said to be some seriously bad vibes in the place, but Hendricks’s parents don’t care; it’s a nice house. 

It doesn’t take long for things to start feeling weird in the house. Hendricks has some issues in the cellar, and starts seeing things. She expects that it’s PTSD from her ex, but it could be something worse. Like ghosts. 

Vega jumps right into the spooky with this book, and honestly, she has to! It’s just over 250 pages, which feels really short, but also felt like I needed nothing more than to finish it. It demands to be read, you know? There’s an incredible amount of horror in here, and gore, which I think she does better than anyone. 

When I describe Danielle Vega’s books to people, their response is usually, “oh, like Stephen King?” to which I say, “yes, but better.” She’s a powerful writer, who doesn’t take three years to describe a scene, but somehow still gives readers all the details (gruesome and otherwise) we could want. It’s really quite amazing. 

If you are looking for a quick and scary read, go grab a copy of The Haunted. Whether you’re a fan of gore, horror, or suspense, you’ll love it!













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