Watermelon Mickey Soap from Basin White

Okay, we know I’m a Lush fan, but sometimes (when in Disney), I go to Basin White. I’ve talked about their bath bombs before, and how I love that little bit of magic that is added to my days, so when I realized that I had a bar of watermelon soap (with Mickey heads instead of seeds!), I knew I needed more magic in my life.

This soap is so dang cute, and smells beyond amazing, so of course I had to pick it up. But as someone with too many bath products, sometimes I forget what is in my collection. But I was rifling through my soaps the other day, looking for something to switch things up with, and I ran across this little cutie! It’s a pretty wide but slim cut of soap, so I threw it in the shower to see how it went.

First of all, let me tell you that I adore the smell. It really is like someone just cut an incredibly fresh watermelon right in front of you! I could smell it through the plastic wrap that it comes in, which was pretty impressive. But in the shower, the scent isn’t overwhelming! It also doesn’t stick to your body, which is good if you’re someone who uses other scented products (lotions and/or perfumes).

What I realized that I didn’t like, was the size. This is much taller than a bar of soap that you’d buy at the grocery store, and paired with the relative thinness of the cut, it felt a bit flimsy. It took just a couple days to break, which is fine (soap still works when it’s broken), but the aesthetic was ruined.

The other thing that really bothered me about it (and I’m realizing, bothers me about other Basin White products as well), is the plastic packaging. Because I’m so into Lush, I know that they try really hard not to use plastic; heck, there’s a whole “go naked” campaign happening to try to get folks away from using items that will end up taking forever to biodegrade. That’s why Lush uses paper for a lot of their packaging! But having a bar of soap wrapped in plastic definitely bummed me out.

I don’t think this would bother me quite so much if it were a Bath & Body Works soap, or from any other big chain retailer, but Basin White is similar to Lush in their natural vibe. It’s a different look between the two stores, but Basin White still touts the natural ingredients, fresh products line. So it stinks to see them relying so heavily on plastic.

Either way, the soap smells great. It lathers well and leaves my skin feelings soft and clean. So, it does the job soap should do! If you’re in Disney, I highly recommend at least having a sniff around Basin White. Maybe you can request to go packaging free for your products!














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