The Past and Other Things that Should Stay Buried by David Hutchinson

I had my eye on this for quite some time, because of this dang cover. Its cute and fun with incredible colors. So I finally picked it up, and ended up bringing it on vacation with me. 

The Past is a book about ex best friends, July and Dino. But July passed away and her body is being processed by Dino’s family (who are morticians). But when he is putting on her funeral makeup, she wakes up. And what do you do when your ex best friend comes back from the dead? You work on your relationship. 

This book is written from both Dino and July’s perspectives. It’s interesting to see things through both of their eyes, and experience how they react to things differently. 

It was a fantastic read. I loved reading both characters, and seeing how things panned out. I hope you get some time to read it, because it is so much fun, and I genuinely can’t get over how much I loved it. You should grab yourself a copy, and join me in checking out more of Hutchinson’s work!













All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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