Alien Echo by Mira Grant

Oh my goodness. As some of you know, I’m a huge fan of the Alien movies. I hadn’t seen them until just a couple years ago, and I fell in love! So when I heard of a YA book set in the universe, I lost my dang mind.

Alien Echo is about the twin daughters of Xenobiologists. When one of their parents has to go check an acquired junker ship, something feels…off. Of course, it is. Alien suspense and horror occurs!
I don’t want to go into detail too deeply, but wow this book! It was so much dang fun to read, and it really felt like Alien. Reading it was like experiencing the Alien movie again, but in a whole new way! Alien Echo was written in a way that I felt the suspense just like the movies, but also I knew most of what was going to happen. I really felt gripped by the book, but was bummed that it was less than 300 pages.
I genuinely had a blast reading Alien Echo, and I can not recommend it enough. As a huge fan of the Alien movies, I was beyond in love with the book. I think if you’re not aware of the movies, you should check out the book, and use it as your gateway to the universe!
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