Groovy Kind of Love Bath Bomb from Lush

I say it every time, and it isn’t changing: I love Lush. I love their products so dang much, I want to scream. So I grabbed Groovy Kind of Love whole I was in the shop the other day, because it smelled amazing. 

Full of rosewood, bergamot, and ylang ylang, this bath bomb was begging to be perfect for me. I love deep woodsy scents, plus ylang ylang helps you feel happy. But I popped this one in the bath, and almost immediately realized that I was wrong. 

The first color to fizz was the yellow. It continued to fizz more heavily than the others, and was the last color remaining as well. If you’ve been here for a minute, you know that I can’t do yellow baths; they look a lot like a dehydrated person’s urine to me. 

It smells so good, I almost forgave it. But I can’t happily fall in love with a orangey yellow bath, it’s just impossible. But really, the smell is lovely. My whole bathroom smelled better because of it! While I can’t get over the color, maybe you can! This bath bomb is definitely worth checking out if you aren’t bothered by colors. The smell truly is incredible. But it’s a no from me, dog. 

If you’re down with yellow baths, you can grab yourself some Groovy Kind of Love here. Happy bathing!














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