Starkid Homecoming

Holy cow! Last week I traveled to Los Angeles for the incredible Starkid Homecoming (aka 10iversary)! It was a super last minute decision, but two months ago my best friend asked if I’d be able to get myself to California for the show. My answer was no, but I’ll figure it out.

So I figured it out! When you’ve been a fangirl for Starkid (also called a Dikrats) for ten whole years, you need to make it to their big concert experience! So last Thursday I went to work, then went to the airport. I landed in LAX at 12:30 am local time. There, I me up with Ashley (check out her instagram here), and we went to our hotel, The Ace in downtown LA.
The Ace is absolutely gorgeous. I wish I took more photos of our room, instead of just selfies in it! But the real business was in the theatre! We did a couple things in DTLA (breakfast, Little Tokyo, pool time, and The Last Book Store), but we were there for Starkid’s Homecoming show, and that’s what we need to talk about.
Homecoming was beautiful. It featured almost all of the Starkids (I’m shooting daggers at you, Daniel Strauss, for hanging out in the audience instead of being onstage), and there were songs from all of their shows! The first act was full of medleys that went backwards through their musicals. All except the Potter shows, because those were the stars of the second act!
This show was so incredible, because there were so many voices and actors taking on new roles. Plus, Bonnie came back, and that was fantastic. After the show, Ashley and I stayed outside and had the pleasure of taking selfies with Mariah Rose Faith, Tyler Brunsman, Richard Campbell, Jim Povolo, and Robert Manion. It was so lovely of them to take time from their exhausting night to say hello. Some fans were less than great, but it always seems to be that way.
After the show, we went up to Anaheim, and I flew home. I was so blown away by the show. I just want to curl up with the incredible memories and share them with everyone. If you got to go, let me know what your favorite part was? If you didn’t go, hopefully they will release what they recorded soon! Here are a couple videos of the actors’ instagram stories (parts one, two, and three). Enjoy!
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