Back to School Looks for Actual Students

Alright, I know the title is possibly a bit demeaning, but I’ve seen a lot of “back to school” content from people who seem to have forgotten the intensity of some dress codes! I can’t speak for every school, but mine was incredibly stubborn about the finger rules; women’ bottoms much go past their fingertips when their arms are down, and their straps must be at least 3 finger widths. I distinctly remember being a senior, and a junior guy wore booty shorts to show just how messed up the codes were for only applying to women. Even though his shorts did not reach his fingertips, he was allowed to parade around in booty shorts all day; it was wild. But here, we’re going to look at some outfits that I am a big fan of, that should be appropriate in most schools!



In my mind, jumpsuits are always the answer. I have this absolutely incredible jumpsuit (I own it in both black and olive green) from Target that is so dang comfortable! I wear this every Monday to work (because it’s both school and work appropriate!) so I don’t have to think. A jumpsuit is such a great option, because it is literally a whole outfit in one item! Plus, it has incredible lapels, so you can accessorize with a good pin or two!



Fans of the VSCO look, rejoice! I am also insanely into the oversized t-shirt as a dress situation, but I know that it is not school appropriate. Even if it was, my family would definitely not let me out of the house in something so short! But I have great news, everyone: bike shorts are here for you! One of my all time favorite outfits is this men’s shirt from Target, paired with red bike shorts from Torrid. I find that men’s shirts are the way to go when you’re looking for oversized stuff, especially since I’m relatively tall. Since they’re not built for curves, men’s larger sizes tend to mean that the shirts get longer instead of just wider. Also, I think I could live in bike shorts. They’re comfy and they add just a bit of je ne sais pas to a look. That pop of color, or sometimes pattern, can change the whole vibe!



Because you can’t plan on going back to school without having a good dress look. I’m harkening back to the bike shorts again, because I am too tall for a lot of dresses to hit my fingertips. Bike shorts can extend that coverage a bit, without being as warm as full leggings (even when I lived in New York, the first day of school was too warm for leggings). I absolutely love my Cakeworthy Minnie Mouse Dress (which is no longer in stock, but they have similar dresses) paired with black bike shorts from Target, because all of the color and excitement is in the top, but the shorts keep it school appropriate!


Mom Jeans

Okay, this is obvious, I know. But nothing warms my nerdy heart like a pair of good mom jeans and a geeky t-shirt. I like to grab shirts from Jordandene for this, because they’re nerdy, well-designed, and at least a little subtle (which always helps). My favorite is this Anoshe shirt from their Darker Shade of Clothing line. We all know I am here for the VE Schwab content, so being able to rep that at school (or work, because this is a solid Friday look) really makes me feel more in my element. These jeans that I’ve been living for are from Hot Topic!


I paired each of these looks with some of my everyday basics. The shoes are from CottonOn (and as much as I love them, they probably won’t last the whole semester), my makeup is an everyday look that I do with the original Chocolate Bar Palette from TooFaced Cosmetics, and my FitBit Charge is always on. My lipstick is Kat Von D’s liquid lip in Lolita, but I don’t support her stuff as much as I used to. I just want to use it up!

I know that there are mixed feelings on going back to school, but I think an education is one of the most powerful tools out there. As much as I didn’t get along with folks that I went to high school with, I know that it ends! I hope everyone preparing to go back to school, whether it’s high school, college, or post-grad education, has a fantastic semester, and wears some bomb, non-dress-code-infringing looks!













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