The Wild Robot by Peter Brown

I had looked at this book a couple times in both Target and Barnes and Noble, and finally grabbed it one day. It was in the middle grade section, so I knew it would be a relatively quick read for me. I was excited to read it, regardless. 

The Wild Robot is a story about ROZZUM unit 7134, aka Roz. Roz is a robot whose crate fell off of the cargo ship she was on. While other robots crashed in the rocks, Roz was lucky and landed safely on an island beach. Roz is activated when an otter accidentally pushes their on button. 

As Roz doesn’t know any life other than that of the island, the robot doesn’t think there’s anything wrong. But the animals disagree; they don’t know or trust this shiny monster and aren’t afraid to say as much. 

But one night, Roz accidentally causes a tragedy, that leaves only one egg unharmed. Since the egg’s entire family perished in the accident, it is alone. Roz decides to care for the egg, and help it as much as possible. 

The Wild Robot is a ridiculously touching story. I was blown away by the emotions that came out of it, and how strongly I ended up feeling about Roz. I also found out that there is a sequel, which I will definitely be grabbing once my TBR has gotten a little bit smaller!













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