The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert

This is another book that has been firmly seated on my TBR, waiting for me to get to reading. I read it last month, and while it didn’t click with me as a favorite, it was a truly interesting book, and that made me want to tell all of you about it!

The Hazel Wood follows Alice Prosperine (or Alice Crewe, as she chose). She’s 17 and all but homeless, as bad luck follows her and her mother everywhere that they go. But one day, the women receive a letter saying that Alice’s grandmother, Althea is dead. Ella (Alice’s mother) tells her that they’re safe; there will be no more bad luck. 

But that isn’t how it goes. One day, after a fight with her new husband, Ella goes missing. Alice doesn’t see her mother, stepfather, or stepsister at all, but when she comes home there is a rotten scent in their penthouse, and a note on her bed. The note is a torn out page of her grandmother’s book, The Hinterlands, of a story called Alice-Three-Times. 

The only way I can really describe The Hinterlands book, is that it’s essentially the rarest version of a fairytale book. In it, the characters aren’t happy. But Alice hasn’t read it, so she doesn’t know what the significance of the page means. She and Ellery Finch (a boy from school), decide to trek to upstate New York to find Althea’s old estate (The Hazel Wood), and possibly find her mother. 

This is an incredibly interesting fairytale adventure, that has some surprising twists and turns. While I maintain that it wasn’t a favorite for me, it was still an interesting story. If I were to go back in time, I would borrow this from the library. But I do think it’s worth checking out! And if you’re looking to buy, you can grab a copy at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or any other fine book retailer. Also, the sequel, Night Country, comes out in January 2020, so you’ve got time to check out the first book. Happy reading!













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One thought on “The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert

  1. I LOVED The Hazel Wood – with the folkloric feel to it, I felt swallowed whole by the woods and yet comforted by them, and everything in between. It got me into reading more folkloric books, like Bear and the Nightingale. One of my fav reads of this year.

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