Journal 0920

Hey friends and fangirls. It’s been a minute since I used this as a weekly journal, and I think that needs to change. So here we are!

I’ve decided to do this because I have had a rough couple of months. I’ve been doing really poorly, mentally, and it’s flowing into other parts of my life. There have been some big changes (ya girl is single), and they lead to big changes in the future (moving out of the apartment I share with my now ex-boyfriend, paying for more, figuring myself out). I’ve been spending a lot of time isolated, which isn’t great for me mentally, and trying not to do anything other than figure out who I am, and what I want, at least right now.

I’ve had conversations with several friends about not knowing who you are or what you want. If I could do anything, it would be social media and content creation for a small (preferably female led) company. But that’s kind of a large range. I’ve been looking into moving, because it’s going to be something that needs to happen. Being someone with anxiety means that it’s more difficult. I have to move somewhere I’ll either be walking distance to work, or somewhere with a fantastic public transportation system.

On a much more positive note, I had the pleasure of attending Amanda Swiger’s Self Love Saturday last weekend, and it was one of the most positive days I’ve had in a long time. It was a day of love and support, and I’m so honored to have met the powerful people I did there. While I have a quiet weekend of Sims ahead of me this week, I think it will be mostly positive for me to have a quiet (and inexpensive) weekend.

At the end of the month (aka 10 days from now) EPCoT will be showing Illuminations for the last time. I’ll be there, with one of my best friends, and that will be really incredible. 10 days after that is Leaky Con in Boston with my other best friend. While we’re a little torn on the programming (so far I’m not crazy impressed), wandering Boston itself will be a good time.

I hope all of you are doing better than I am. I am so grateful to have this outlet, and I’d like to offer up the comments section as a place to let some stuff out too. Plus my social media is always open (though I’ve been far more active on my personal stuff than the FAW accounts, sorry about that).


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