Broken Things by Lauren Oliver

Here I am, with another dang cover buy. I’m a big sucker for a good cover, and Broken Things just has such a good cover, who wouldn’t want to buy it?! But I finally read it, and wow what a trip!

Then. Mia, Brynn, and Summer spent their time in a fictional world. They read about Lovelorn, acted it out, wrote a fanfiction sequel, and even visited. But when Summer was murdered and her two best friends caught the blame, things changed. 

Now. Summer has been dead for a couple of years. Mia is homeschooled so she doesn’t have to deal with the staring. Brynn is living in rehab, with a fancy plan to keep her there indefinitely. But Mia signs Brynn out and they have to figure out who did it. 

This book grabbed me in a way I was not expecting. It was gripping and powerful, told from the view of both Brynn and Mia, in both Then and Now. It’s an incredible story of friendship, but it’s also an awesome murder mystery, with supernatural pieces. It’s truly a wild ride. 

I don’t want to go too deeply into the story, because finding out for yourself is a million times better. But this book is phenomenal, and I highly recommend you grab a copy (at your local library, Target, or Barnes & Noble). Happy reading!













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