Journal 1004

These past two weeks have been a lot, and it isn’t ending.

I’m exhausted, y’all. I went to Disney earlier this week for the final Illuminations. That was amazing, and I loved it, but it was an emotionally draining experience. I have incredibly strong feelings about EPCoT, and seeing all of the areas that are changing was hard. It was also hard to know that Illuminations is done. I’m so glad that I went for the final show, but it was still insanely sad.

I drank more than my doctor wants me to, because I wanted to drink at as many of the food and wine locations as I could; kind of like Drinking Around the World on steroids. I ended up having 20 drinks (and I shared almost all of them), which is a lot. I was smart enough to stay hydrated the whole time and to have a couple carb-heavy snacks, to soak up all of the drinks.

That was the biggest thing that happened this week. While in Disney, I was reminded that I can do things on my own, and that people want to be around me. I met some absolutely lovely folks at Trader Sam’s, and they made for a fantastic time there as well. I also ate Dole Whip, which was something I needed.

While I don’t have plans for this weekend (hello reading time), Leaky Con is next weekend. I’m really frustrated going into it, because I just don’t want to. I am really disappointed in the line up, and I feel like they haven’t done anything for it, while Dallas was insane. I know I will have fun regardless, but it’s hard to be excited about right now.

I hope y’all are having a good week, and are ready for the weekend. God knows I am.

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