What you Should be Watching on YouTube

Ok, I believe that everyone should be allowed to watch whatever the heck they want. But I wanted to share a couple of the channels I have been living for recently. These are all over the place, and some of them are not necessarily for all ages (I’ll be sure to let you know which those are). Here are some suggestions that I find hilarious, informative, or just a good time.

Game Grumps
No one is surprised by this. I’ve been a GG fan for the past 5ish years, and I love them. I think Dan and Arin are some seriously silly boys, who play games relatively well. Sure, Arin is the Video Game Boy who always wins, but he is sometimes so bad at games that I yell at the TV. I understand the way sports fanatics feel now, thanks to Game Grumps. If you’re super new to their channel, I recommend checking out their current play through of Twilight Princess. They’re also playing Super Mario Maker 2, and booooy is it something else. Game Grumps is a channel that uses language that may not be for everyone.
Super Mega
Oh wow, another Lets Play channel! These boyos used to work for the Game Grumps, as editors. That is how I found out about them. They are insane; I don’t really have anything to say about them other than that. Three of my favorite videos are their Shinjuku videos, this Kangaroo Jack reaction video, and the current playthrough of Spongebob. They are some mid-twenty boys who I love to escape through. They definitely use R-Rated language, so be aware of that.
This girl, oh my goodness. Tiffany Ferg is a channel that I found recently, and she has a series called Internet Analysis. In it, she talks about all sorts of internet things and how they’re kind of messed up. She’s incredibly smart, and her videos are a phenomenal thing to watch. I also find it easy to listen to her thoughts while I’m working. I don’t notice any language, at least not excessively.
Sierra Schultzie
Another great gal that I’ve been watching is Sierra Schultz. She is a midsize fashion youtuber, and she’s lovely. I really appreciate that she is open about her size through try-ons and real reviews. One of my absolute favorite videos she has done is this one, where she recreates celebrity photos. She is a youtuber that you can watch anywhere, because she doesn’t swear!
Lucy Jane Wood
Here’s yet another phenomenal youtuber. LJW is a lovely lady from the UK who does clothing try-ons, beauty reviews, and all sorts of chit chats. I think she’s kind of like a big sister, even though I’m pretty sure she’s the same age as I am. I feel good listening to her, and that’s what matters. Her videos don’t have language issues!
Carrie Dayton
Can’t stop with these mid size women being incredible! Carrie Dayton is another lady type who does try-ons. One of the things she does that I absolutely love is bringing her camera into the dressing room with her, to try on different sizes in different stores. I think it can be really uncomfortable to try on clothing in a new store, but Dayton reminds us that it’s tough for everyone and the number on your pants doesn’t define you. I just love her, and her language is not an issue.
Try Guys
We’ve got some more good boyos! The Try Guys are a crew that used to be on Buzzfeed, but grew enough to create their own channel. They’ve blown me out of the water with the content that they’ve created. It ranges from fun to serious and I think that’s an important thing. My favorite of their videos is probably this sandwich art candid competition! These dudes have language that’s good for all ages, as well (maybe err on the side of PG-13, to be extra safe).
Simply Nailogical
Like nail art tutorials? Too bad! You won’t be getting those here, but Cristine will be happy to dole out life advice (as Simply Momlogical), make fun of Troom Troom, or take a bath in her favorite beverage. She’s rad, funny, and incredibly real. Plus, she really believes that a higher education is important! I highly recommend her, and would rate her language at a PG-13.
Safiya Nygaard
Hello my goth, bat queen. I love Safiya and all of her content. She provides some fun and killer content, without getting too heavy on the language. Recently she worked with ColourPop to release a line of lipsticks! I have so many proud mama feelings for someone I’ve never met.
Ok, I love Rhett and Link a whole bunch, but hear me out on this; Mythical Chef Josh is incredible. He is hilarious, an amazing chef, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s incredibly good looking. What’s not to love (other than the disgusting foods he has people eat).
I hope y’all are having a nice and chill Sunday, where you can watch some of these lovely youtubers. They’re all over the place, so I’m sure someone will strike your fancy!

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