LeakyCon 2019

Alright, I have some feelings, and I am ready to talk them out.

I went to LeakyCon’s 10th anniversary with Ashley last weekend. We got to Boston on Thursday evening, then started the convention on Friday. It was a lot, because we had incredibly high expectations and even higher hopes. We were expecting a lot from the announcement because of that 10 year hit. I know I was expecting Starkid to be there, which we won’t go into, but there were other things to look forward to.

Friday we didn’t do much. We wandered the marketplace (main convention floor) for most of the day, then went to Trivia and Wizard Rock in the evening before heading to food and back to our AirBNB. Since we were staying with some friends from Ireland, our team of 5 did pretty well in trivia, and we had Wagamama for dinner (which I had never heard of, but is a British chain).

Saturday we knew was going to be a long day, because it was the day of the Esther Earl Ball (aka the Yule Ball). We started the day with a panel full of stars from the movies. I was a bit disappointed in the number of stars that they had (sorry, but Dallas Leaky had Tom Felton and I am jealous). I feel like they didn’t leave enough time for questions (mainly because I didn’t get to ask my question and I’m bitter). But after that was the Snitchwitches Infomercial, and that was what I was there for.

I had heard of Snitchwitches exclusively because of LeakyCon. We had walked by their booth and seen some of their whole…situation, but we weren’t sure what was going on. But after this incredibly informative infomercial, I knew that I loved them. Did we go to their booth immediately afterwards? Of course. The Infomercial had tons of fun bits and cameos (including the Potter Puppet Pals). There, we learned how to make Snitchwitches for ourselves, the cost, and all of the cool merchandise we could buy. 10/10, the type of content I’m here for.

After that, we walked the Marketplace a bit more, then went back to the AirBNB to get ready for the Ball. And we brought it to the ball. All of us looked stunning, and it was such a fun time. We met a whole bunch of beautiful and kind people, and even went out to dance with some of them afterwards.
Sunday was a much slower, chilled out day. Our main priority was to watch the Potter Puppet Pals, and see the cosplay contest, because Claire was cosplaying as Professor Sprout and was killing it. We came to support, and she got into the finalists! It was rad to see her do such a rad job, and get recognized for her hard work.

The Potter Puppet Pals was rad too, because it was so silly. Much like the Snitchwitches Infomercial, this was the type of content I didn’t know I needed. It was a motivational speech on how to be the best wizard you can be. I was blown away, and I can’t really expand on how much I love it.

After that, we kind of just chilled. We walked the Marketplace, made sure to stop spending quite so much money, and ate more Snitchwitches. It was a very chill day, and a good way to finish off the weekend. Plus I had the pleasure of taking photos of everyone in our crew, and that made my heart happy as heck.

Altogether, it was a really fun weekend. I wasn’t expecting to have as much fun as I did, because I was not impressed with the line-up, but I still really enjoyed myself. While I don’t know how soon I’ll be jumping into the next one, but I do look forward to going again. I feel like I met so many amazing people and exchanged information with so many of them, that I want to surround myself with that type of positive vibes. Thank you so much to LeakyCon for putting on a rad show, and to my friends for going all in on a good time!












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