Hogwarts House Outfit Swap

When Ashley and I decided to go to LeakyCon’s 10th anniversary, we also decided that we wanted to style each other for one of the days. We had seen tons of videos on Buzzfeed or Safiya Nygaard’s channels, so we tried it out. Let me tell you, Ashley was so much better at this than I was, but we’ll get into that in a bit. Since this was for Leaky, we went to our Hogwarts houses for inspiration.


Ashley did such a great job, I can’t handle it. I told her that the Slytherin vibe I feel most in tune with (aka what I wish I was like) was a lot of people questioning if they want to sleep with me or be killed by me. It’s a whole mood, I promise. She told me to bring a black crop top and leggings, so I brought these ripped leggings from HotTopic, a black crop top from Unique Vintage, and a green velvet moto jacket from Macy’s. Ashley got me a sick mesh dress from Missguided and the coolest belt on the planet from ASOS. I wore it with my Harry Potter Vans and worked the heck out of this.
Looking back, I did Ashley dirty. I wanted to give her a chill but hot Ravenclaw vibe. I was thinking something chill that she could read in but also go out on a date in. Instead, I gave her a fantastically functional jacket (blue, of course), and this Clueless-esque crop top from H&M. Regrettably, the crop top fit like a mess, even after alterations, so we had to switch things up. I brought her a pale blue faux suede moto jacket from ASOS to wear with a mustard crop top from Rue 107. It was a vibe, but people kept mistaking her for Hufflepuff.
I thought this was a really fun and neat thing to do, but Ashley is significantly better at it than me! I want her to style my looks every day, because she has an eye like you would not believe. We looked cute together, and I wanna do it again so I can do a better job (and we can take cute photos together). I linked as many of the items we wore as I could, so you can snag some for yourselves!
You can follow Ashley on Instagram & Twitter for more cute photos of her!
All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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