Seraph of the End Anime/Manga Review

This story follows YÅ«ichirō (Yuu for short) Hyakuya and his best friendĀ Mikaela (Mika) Shindo.Ā Vampires capture Yuu and Mika (as well as the rest of the children at the orphanage where they lived) when a virus kills everyone over the age of thirteen. The Vampires bring them, and almost all who survived the virus, to their underground cities to be their “cattle”. Ā After four years of captivity they make a plan to escape.

Ā Ā Seraph of the End

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Do Fairies Have Tails: “Fairy Tail” Anime & Manga

Lucy Heartfilia, a young celestial wizard, wants to join the most legendary wizard guild: Fairy Tail. When Lucy meets Natsu Dragneel, a fire wizard from Fairy Tail, she gets her wish but Fairy Tail turns out to be quite different from what she expects. Ā While the members ofĀ Fairy TailĀ are as legendary as the tales say, they are also quirky, eccentric and whimsical.


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