The Duff by Kody Keplinger


After watching the movie The Duff I was quite interested in reading the book. I did a little research online and found out that the book and the movie don’t share many similarities at all. I went into the book with almost no knowledge of what the book was actually going to be like since the movie only shares the same name.

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Genie in a Bikini


It’s been about five years since I was introduced to Team Starkid and ever since I have supported the actors on their other ventures outside of their musical productions. Recently Joey Richter (Ron Wesley in the Very Potter Musicals) announced that he would be in in a Nickelodeon made for TV movie Genie in a Bikini and the other day I finally got around to watching it in full.

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The Duff Movie

I have a strong love for “bad” teen movies and romantic comedies. It’s something that I get ragged on for occasionally, but everyone is allowed at least one guilty pleasure. I find comfort in silly movies with cliché story lines, secondhand embarrassment, and occasionally problematic moments. Going into The Duff I thought that it was going to be the basic “ugly” girl (who is in no way ugly at all) gets a make over and finds herself. The kind of story from my childhood, like in She’s All That or The Princes Diaries where young girls are told that they will only have self worth if they look a certain way. It wasn’t that way it had a little more to it than what you would expect. I found myself genuinely enjoying the themes and story that played before me.

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Fangirl Fashions: Summer Lookbook

Summer time is a great time to play with your style. We are from Upstate New York so when summer comes we are itching to get out of the house and show off our coatless duds. Now is the time to come out from under our covers and show our true fashion senses. We thought that we should show a little lookbook with a couple of options for the summer time. Below are two looks that show off Emily’s and my own respective styles for the summer time.


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Shampoo Alternative

Hey Fangirls, I thought that today I would talk about how I stopped using shampoos and conditioners in my hair. My hair is fairly long extremely think and curly and the majority of the time I could pass for Rubeus Hagrid. In the last few months before I stopped shampooing I noticed that my hair wasn’t in it’s best condition. It was greasy, frizzy, and just didn’t look good. I started to look online for alternatives for my hair and found an article about using baking soda and apple sider vinegar as a cleaning source.


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