Tampa Bay Comic Convention… putting the CON in Convention!


I did not have an enjoyable experience at last weekends’ Tampa Bay Comic Convention. It was my first time going, and from what I understand it was significantly larger than it was last year. It was even moved to a much larger venue, from a hotel to the Tampa Bay Convention Center. However, they did not properly utilize the size of the convention center for this particular convention.

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This past weekend was the event all Central Florida [and beyond]-based nerds look forward to all year long: Mega Con! Unfortunately I work Friday and Saturdays, so I was only able to go on Sunday. From what I hear, Saturday was completely packed, so I guess I’m alright with missing all that mess… though, the best costumes are usually saved for Saturday. What I love most about Megacon is indulging in your favorite fandoms with like-minded folk, letting your nerd flag fly. It’s all so exciting: the costumes, the shopping, and the celebrity appearances! What I don’t like about Mega Con are the crowds, which is another reason I was fine with only going Sunday.

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