The Fade Out #2

thefadeout_2I’m in love with this new Brubaker / Phillips series, Fangirls. Of course, not that I expected to feel any other way. However, I’ve already read the released issues twice through already, and wait for each new one like a junkie. What can I say? These fellows know how to make a mean comic book. All this noir murder mystery stuff gets me all hot & bothered.

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The Fade Out #1

thefadeout_01_So I’m just a tad behind the times, Fangirls, but not too bad. Though it was terribly hard to resist, I had to finish up a pile of unread comics before I jumped into this new Brubaker/Phillips series. At last, it is here in my arms. Of course, it’s just as mind blowing, intense, and beautiful as I had imagined.

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Rat Queens: Braga Special Issue

Fangirls, I’m going to start off by saying that I’m very on the fence about Rat Queens right now.  The artist, Roc Upchurch, has been removed from the team due to domestic violence charges.  I have really been enjoying the story, as I’ve repeatedly stated, but I’m not going to keep buying the books.  Image publishes creator owned comics, so even though Upchurch is no longer on the team, he is still one of the creators, so he’s still getting checks.  I’m just very unsure about these, and I felt that you all should be aware of the situation.


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Let’s Talk About: Just the Tips by Matt Fraction & Chip Zdarksy


You recognize those names, don’t you, Fangirls? Yes, of course you do, because we’re all obsessed with them and there incredibly fantastic series Sex Criminals. You may or may not know that these two also offer the world more mind blowing humor in a variety of things. One of those is their recently released sex guide Just the Tips, a hilarious & maybe accurate little book of advice & inspiration. Read More »

Shutter Issues 2 – 7

Fangirls, I’m going to be honest with you.  There is a lot going on in Shutter, and even though there are things I really don’t understand (walking, talking, advice offering cat clock?), I love it.  Set in a future with animal-like creatures who interact with humans daily, about a woman who thinks she knows her family far better than she does, Shutter is bizarre and beautiful.  It’s a combination of a couple things, all done wonderfully.


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