American Gods by Neil Gaiman

I’m not sure if you know this Fangirls, but I love mythology. A lot. It’s my favorite subject of all time. I also have discovered a love for Neil Gaiman and his genius writing. I’m not joking, he is a genius. But more on that later. I just finished his novel American Gods, and let me tell you it’s one of the most fun books I’ve read


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The Buried Giant by Kazu Ishiguro

Fantasy is one of my favorite genres, I love diving into a new world with different races, languages and destinations. I view fantasy stories as an escape from reality and I enjoy the breaks. I picked up The Buried Giant by Kazu Ishiguro as an impulse buy during a trip to Barnes and Noble. The cover was so pretty I couldn’t help but pick it up and the synopsis caught my interest talking about Briton after the fall of Camelot and the adventure of an elderly Briton couple going to find their lost son and happening upon varies companions along the way.

buried giant

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Long Walk to Valhalla

Today I was staring at my book shelf wondering what gem to pick out of it’s shelves. I have a good amount of books I’ve picked up over the years that I have yet to enjoy and today I was looking to my book shelf to inspire me. Perusing through my selection I thumbed through historical fiction, fantasies and even a few biographies I’ve been itching to read. Then I stumbled across Long Walk to Valhalla, a graphic novel by Adam Smith and Matthew Fox that I picked up a few weeks ago at a fangirl night. I stared at the cover for a few moments and knew this was my next read. Something told me I was in for a good story, but nothing could’ve prepared me for this…


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Tina Fey: Bossypants

I recently picked up Tina Fey’s autobiography Bossypants excited to finally read the story of one of my favorite females in her own words. I can happily say it was not a disappointment! Fey was able to accomplish a light funny dialogue with her readers without sounding overly campy, annoying or preachy. Plus, the jokes. All of them.
Published in 2011 I am almost upset with myself that it took me 4 years to read this book. Tina Fey is in my opinion is one of the smartest and funniest women in the business. Fey has a way of being both unbelievably adorable while telling you that she thinks you are an ignorant ass hat, something that I desperately wish I had the ability to pull off. Fey is sarcastic, straight forward and hilarious in her telling of her life and I would recommend this book to anyone with eyes.

Tina Fey Bossypants

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A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning

Fangirls, I am a huge fan of serial works of fiction that focus on orphans.  I love Harry Potter, Star Wars, Batman, and Disney movies.  But something I love and rarely get to Fangirl over, is Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events.  Recently, it was announced that there will be a Netflix series focusing on the Baudelaire orphans, so I realized that I need to reread the series, and you should too.


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