The Villains Throne: Jareth

Fellow villain lovers; gather! It is time again to come together and pick out a beautiful baddie to talk about. After our last villain, who was a total creep fest, I decided it was a good time to pick one of the greats to gush over this month. This month we are going to go deep into a magical place with twist and turns and we may not make it out alive: the 1980’s! AH! Jokes aside our villain does live in a twisty turney upside down world; the Labyrinth. Hold on to your tight pants, check on your little brothers and remember you have no power over me, this month we are talking about The Goblin King himself; Jareth.


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The Villains Throne: Erik Destler

It’s February, time to get romantic! If your idea of romance is to go around killing people to impress the woman you think is pretty neat, then our next villain might just be the guy for you! Erik Destler is the name given to the horribly disfigured physically and emotionally version of the Phantom in the 1989 movie The Phantom of the Opera.


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The Villains Throne: President Snow

Happy New Year everyone! It’s time to dig into a new year and a new villain. While picking the first villain of the year I turned to events happening in the news. The political climate is heating up and people around the world are gearing up for what is promising to be an interesting year. Debates will be held, elections will happen and a new leader will be chosen. Like or not, it is campaigning season and why not chose a villain who fits the bill. Let us venture to the Capital itself, to the President’s mansion and say hello to President Snow.
WARNING: I spoil things, if you don’t want to know stuff don’t read any further!


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The Villains Throne: The Grinch

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The Christmas tree is up, the menorah is lit and the bells are ring ting tingling too! It is lovely weather to discuss another villain! Keeping in pace with the holiday season I decided to choose a villain that is filled with the holiday spirit. Well, at least in the end he is. It’s time to visit the top of Mt. Krumpet and stop in on our friend, the Grinch!


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The Villains Corner: Hades

It’s November everyone, the year is almost over, the world in turning bare and brown. It’s time to start reflecting the decisions we have all made this year and start figuring out our resolutions for next year. It’s also time to talk about another villain! This month I decided to discuss an ancient villain who for centuries steals his bride from her mother around this time of year that causes winter to descend up on us all. Say hello to Greek God of the Underworld, Hades!

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The Villains Throne: The Headless Horseman

Ah October, that magical time of year when everything starts to change. It’s gets darker sooner, colder faster and everything tastes like pumpkin. The best thing about this wonderful month is of course Halloween, a time when we get to shed our own skin for a night and become someone else for a few hours while stuffing our faces with candy. Magical. So in honor of this most precious time of year I chose to discuss a villain who’s legend is as famous as the jack-o-lantern he uses as his head. That’s right, we’re talking the headless horseman

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The Villains Throne: What Makes a Villain?

Gather fellow fangirls and fanboys! We are about to start on a dark and beautiful adventure together. Where you ask are we venturing? Well since you asked so nicely, we are going to be discussing one of my favorite topics; villains. I have what I lovingly call a villain complex where in every story, whether it be on the page or on the screen I am immediately drawn to the villain character. It doesn’t matter who or what they are, they always fascinate me. They always have the best costumes, one liners and ice cold stares. I am happy to introduce you, my fellow villain lovers, to the Villain’s Throne. Here at the Villain’s Throne we will discuss villains and what makes them a great, or even not so great, villain.


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