Villain Chat: Artificial Intelligence

Fangirls, if movies have taught me anything, it’s not to trust artificial intelligence.  From The Terminator to Ultron, robots are damn dangerous, and even more so when they can think for themselves.



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Villain Chat: Eli / Rowan Pope

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 5.51.36 PMLet’s be honest, when you’re a new Scandal fan like myself, you haven’t got time to focus on any other villain but Eli Pope. This guy is so bad, so awful , so untrustworthy, that it almost makes me want to stop watching the show. I get get angry every time I see him, and I keep waiting for the episode where he is no longer a threat. Regardless of how much I hate him, he’s still one down right scary man, mostly because of the level of reality that there is to Mr. Pope.

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Villain Chat: Traits of a Villain

The design of villains seems to follow a certain mold. More often than not, villains are familiar even if you’ve never seen them before. I have seen dozens of movies that have scarred, Russian gangsters starring as the lead antagonist. I always expect it, it’s the most traveled route for a movie villain, yet it’s still almost always scary. However, not until very recently have I started questioning why all these go-to traits exist. Read More »

Villain Chat: Krampus

krampus_23With the holidays fast approaching, we must think of all the special seasonal characters that come around to excite us. We certainly can’t forget the few that exist to scare us, too. However, in traditional American holiday time, there’s not really any characters that exist to frighten us. So, I figured we could borrow one from another culture for awhile, and learn about the odd and frankly terrifying ways of Krampus.

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