Captain Marvel Issue 4

Fangirls, a whole bunch of business just went down in this issue. When we last left off, Captain Marvel’s powers were failing, they were being attacked by a virus-like ship, and it a new ship was broadcasting “Death to Hala” on repeat at them. Seeing as Captain Marvel wears the Hala star on her uniform, and their whole dang ship is shaped like a Hala star, things were not looking good at all.


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Harley Quinn Issue 25

Fangirls, I’ve been putting this issue off. I’ve been worried about Harley going anywhere near the Joker, and I knew that would be a big part of this issue (he was in the last issue and he’s on the cover of this one). I didn’t even feel up to the challenge today, but I finally got off my bum and read it. And it was far more satisfying than I expected.


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Black Canary Issue 8

Oh my goodness, Fangirls. Not only am I ridiculously behind on Black Canary comics, but this one has so much happening in it that I needed to stop reading, multiple times. It starts with some great incorporated “previously on…” While the police are interrogating Byron, Paloma, and their road manager. It seems that Dinah has disappeared, the police thing Ditto and Mr Lance are dead, and that what happened at Gotham Stadium was more than what is being released to them (on that account, they’re right).


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