Rolling Project Pan: Update 12

We’re back with yet another project pan! There’s some pretty exciting stuff in this update, so lets dive in!

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Supertramp Bubble Bar from Lush

As I make my way through my trunk full of lush items, I finally reached Supertramp. Supertramp is a Bubble Bar that I ordered before my trip to the UK because I knew I wanted to get one each for my friend and I. I read a bit about it, and knew it was something I wanted to try. I can’t believe I took me almost a year to actually do so!

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Friends and Fangirls, it’s time for an update! In case you haven’t noticed, the site looks a little different. I changed the theme, and have been working to fix up the other aspects of the Fangirls Are We social media. So, without further ado, I’d like to formally invite you to “like” Fangirls Are We all over the Internet! Here’s our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I hope you’re all having a fantastic summer, and I’ll see you on the Internet!