Wonder Woman

I’m a week late to seeing this movie, but I feel like I’ll make up for it by seeing it a thousand more times. It’s the super hero movie I’ve been waiting for. Yes, I am normally and always will be a Marvel girl. Yes, I wish and hope and pray that Marvel figures it out and gives more than just Captain Marvel her own movie (don’t get me wrong I am super excited for some Carol Danvers). And yes, I was worried about Wonder Woman given DC’s track record. But I needn’t have been, because she is the hero we deserve and the hero we need.

wonder woman

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Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems Volume 1

I haven’t been reading a ton of comics, as of late. I’ve made it through almost the entirety of Rob’s and my collections (at least the parts that interest me) and we hadn’t been to a comic shop in ages. Until this past weekend, when we finally had some time to go grab some trades for me. I was hoping to get a pretty good smattering of types of comics, especially the next trade in the Steven Universe comic I had been reading. Instead, I found that there is a different SU comic that seems to have a more focused storyline than the previous one, and that got me so excited.

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American Gods Episode 7

I cannot stop smiling about this week’s episode. It was all about Mad Sweeney, who’s my favorite, and his travels with two very strong women, played by the same actress. Woven through the modern day story is the story of how Mad Sweeney came to America, narrated by the one and only Mr. Ibis, who – as Mr. Jacquel remarks in the beginning of the episode – has a story to tell.

american gods tv 1

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Fragrant Jewels Bath Bomb

It’s a trend, I know, but I wanted to try out Fragrant Jewels. People speak pretty highly of this brand, and that intrigued me. Plus I love baths, so I thought it would be a good time. I wasn’t wrong, but I don’t think FJ will be getting my money again any time soon.

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The Dark Side of Disney by Leonard Kinsey

I added this book to my Amazon list ages ago and never got around to reading it because there always seemed to be more appealing books to read. But the other day, while ordering a bunch of stuff for my upcoming trip to Ireland, I threw it in the cart just because. Since it’s relatively short and I’ve been waiting for ages to read it, I grabbed that first, and dove right in.

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NGE: Danny Phantom Brownies

Gotta eat ’em all ’cause he’s Danny Phantom.

Danny Phantom was a pretty rad show about a dude in high school who accidentally turned into a half ghost and he had to deal with his ghost hunter parents along with other teenage nonsense. It was a fun show, and awhile back someone suggested that I make something Danny Phantom themed for Nerds Gotta Eat. And here we are.

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Last Man: The Rescue

I wish I had ordered and read this as soon as I finished book 5 because wow this book has more twists than I anticipated. On the other hand, I’m so glad that I took my time getting to it because I sped through this last night, and I think that this may be the final installment. I’m going to keep this as spoiler-free as possible, but obviously there will be spoilers everywhere. So strap in, Fangirls, it’s a bumpy ride.

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