Jem and the Holograms Issue 11

Ohhhhh maaaaaan, Fangirls. This issue is packed with adorable relationships, terrible singers, and the cutest swimsuits and I really can not handle it. So let’s just dive in.


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Giant Days Issues 1-12

Fangirls, I first picked up giant days when it originally came out January 2015, read a couple issues, then didn’t pay it much attention. It’s a Boom! Box book, originally only going to be 6 issues long, but extended it after issue 3. It’s a wonderful comic, about three roomies in college, trying to function and figure things out.


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Elektra #11

STK662494This series is full of twists and turns, Fangirls. But by far the biggest surprise of Elektra, is that it just ended. Maybe that surprise is more on my part because I wasn’t paying attention to any sort of comic news update in which I could have been informed, but I didn’t hear any buzz in the comic shop or anything. I found out this comic was over when I just read this issue, with a note from it’s creators. I’m upset that it’s over, but mainly I’m just pissed with how they ended it.

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Ms. Marvel #11

4360190-msmarv2014011_dc11-0Oh boy, Fangirls. This is it. A good chunk of the issues in this series have been leading up to #11, the conclusion of Ms. Marvel’s investigation & fight with The Inventor. It’s been a long time coming. A lot of robots, a lot of questionable teenagers, with no victory gyro insight. Issue #11 finally delivers the action in this intense saga we’ve got ourselves all in love with.

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Black Widow Issue 11

Fangirls, I’m super behind on Black Widow, and for a bit, it’s going to stay that way.  See, I thought Widow was in the subscription box I have at Earthworld, so it wasn’t one I looked for on the shelves.  I was wrong, and ended up buying the three issues I was missing, and then within two weeks, another was released.  For some reason I thought it was on hiatus (which is normally an Image thing), and just wasn’t super concerned with it.  Until I saw a cover, and didn’t recognize it.  But it’s all sorted now!


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