Fangirls, I love musicals more than anything.  They’re my favorite type of entertainment; on the stage, through my earbuds, on my television, I want to experience them constantly. Since Christmas last year, I had been wanting to see the new version of Annie, starring Quvenzhané Wallis.  When I rented it from iTunes to watch with my mum the other day, I was anything but disappointed.


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Music: Honeyblood

HoneybloodWelcome to my newest chick-punk obsession, Fangirls. I heard a snippet of one of Honeyblood’s songs in the background of a talk radio show, and spent the day trying to figure out what it was. Eventually, after calling the radio station and telling them the exact moment I heard this beautiful noise, they were able to point my towards Honeyblood. Best phone call I’ve ever made.

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Let’s Talk About: Smut Peddler

Fangirls, for quite awhile now I’ve been lusting over the 2013 edition of Smut Peddler, a beautiful erotic comic anthology.  A couple weeks back, Jess Fink came to my favorite comic shop, Earthworld Comics, and had some copies of the 2014 edition.  So I bought it, and promptly devoured it.

WARNING: this article features images that are not safe for work, and is intended for readers 18 and older. 

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