I Dew Care, Hang Tight Mask

Y’all know I’m all about those masks. I love facial masks because they’re such a simple and fun way to treat yourself. It doesn’t take much for me; a mask before my shower can sometimes make my day. The day before I left my apartment I used the I Dew Care, Hang Tight mask. It was my first time using this mask, and my last day of work before vacation, so having something to start the day a bit more fresh was incredibly appealing. I washed my face with a hot cloth, slathered some mask on, and had my morning hot water.

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Nerds Gotta Eat: Aquaman’s Spicy Coconut Salmon

IMG_0479So okay, maybe Aquaman wouldn’t be eating his friends of the deep. Or maybe he just respects them enough to make them into super delicious and easy meals. It’s hard to tell. Either way, this dish is inspired by you, Aquaman. It’s said that Atlantis would be located somewhere in the Caribbean, so I whipped up a meal loosely inspired by a loosely real place for our dear underwater superhero.

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