Captain Marvel Issue 4

Fangirls, a whole bunch of business just went down in this issue. When we last left off, Captain Marvel’s powers were failing, they were being attacked by a virus-like ship, and it a new ship was broadcasting “Death to Hala” on repeat at them. Seeing as Captain Marvel wears the Hala star on her uniform, and their whole dang ship is shaped like a Hala star, things were not looking good at all.


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Giant Days Issues 1-12

Fangirls, I first picked up giant days when it originally came out January 2015, read a couple issues, then didn’t pay it much attention. It’s a Boom! Box book, originally only going to be 6 issues long, but extended it after issue 3. It’s a wonderful comic, about three roomies in college, trying to function and figure things out.


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Capture Creatures by Frank Gibson and Becky Dreistadt

Alright, this is easily the cutest comic on the damn planet and to be honest I’m going to implode if they don’t start making that final “to be continued” come true.¬†Capture Creatures is a comic that is a love letter to Pok√©mon, and that made me more excited to read it. I searched in a couple comic shops, but had no luck, so I ended up using Comixology to buy it digitally. It just means I get to bring it everywhere with me!


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