Giant Days Issues 1-12

Fangirls, I first picked up giant days when it originally came out January 2015, read a couple issues, then didn’t pay it much attention. It’s a Boom! Box book, originally only going to be 6 issues long, but extended it after issue 3. It’s a wonderful comic, about three roomies in college, trying to function and figure things out.


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Black Canary Issue 7

First of all Fangirls, there is nothing like the art of this series. Annie Wu is absolutely destroying the art, and making it so beautifully unique; I can not get enough of it. Second of all, I want to relax and take a breather now that I understand Ditto a bit more, but the way this issue ends, it’s impossible to do anything but to move to the edge of my seat.


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Spiderwoman #7

Spider-Woman_Vol_5_7_TextlessSince Rocket Girl likes to be stubborn, Spiderwoman is taking a stand. Rocket Girl is not yet on a regular schedule from it’s recent return, so we’ll be chatting about that series on Mondays in a few weeks. Spiderwoman shall now deliver us her badassery on Fridays. That’s a good thing, because I didn’t want to wait any longer to talk about this issue. Read More »

Lumberjanes Issues 7-9

Fangirls, I know I’m waaaaaay behind on Lumberjanes, but I love getting to re-experience them as I reread them for you.  The series is celebrating passing a year full of comics and now has a trade out, which is fantastic.  Lumberjanes was supposed to only be a 6 issue run, but has become so much more than that, and I’m really glad I’ve been able to experience it.


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The Bunker #5 – #7

This series is a doozy, Fangirls. And I love it. However, I’ll be honest and say I’m a little confused by it. Okay, I’m a lot confused by it. There’s a lot of back and forth between future and present, and the present time but things that already happened, and the present selves and future selves. It’s a lot to handle. But, I suppose we can still discuss these past three issues and get up to speed.

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Elektra #7


When we left off last month, Fangirls, Elektra was on the brink of a big fight with an old friend. This issue brings us a continuation of that and more, including a different style of art. All the names on the cover are the same, so I’m not exactly sure why the illustration has changed so much this issue. Either way, this issue resolves somethings, while a lot of others are just beginning.

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She-Hulk #7


Fangirls! I’ve been loving this series, as I’ve certainly shown in this articles. However, the last two issues have felt weird. The writing has seemed very bland and forced. Thankfully, the regular artist has returned, though that also could be a lot better too. Where is the She Hulk series I fell for? I feel that something has changed. Including the story. Issue #7 seems to have abandon the story the series was telling before, and started a new one. What’s going on here, Fangirls?

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