Elektra #8

4217441-elektra2014008_dc11-0Well Fangirls, it seems that issue 8 is finally giving us something to hold on to. After a run of a few more bland comics in the series, it finally seems to be getting back on it’s feet. Which is a delight, because a comic that started out so fantastic, shouldn’t waste its potential like that. This issue certainly give us some meat on it’s bones.

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She-Hulk #8


Fangirls! It feels like an eternity since I’ve talked about She-Hulk, it always does. To be honest, though, I wasn’t missing it that much. The last few issues of this series felt a little lack luster to me, covered in odd illustration, and frustrating plots. Now, they seem to have officially abandon the story that was happening before, and have started a new arc featuring the one and only Captain America.

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Let’s Talk About: Sex Criminals #8

sexcriminals_08This comic, Fangirls. This fucking comic. I don’t think I’ll ever get over how amazing it is, especially when every issue is even more enjoyable than the last. All the gaps in between each issue, though frustrating, are so worth the wait. They’ve got to take their time to make a series this damn good. Last issue, things were getting intense. There was a dildo battle, a whole lot of feelings, and I was left up in the air wondering what this issue would bring. A lot of it ended up being quite unexpected.

Spoilers are a plenty in this issue, Fangirls, beware!

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