Music: Hammond Song by The Roches


Fangirls, late yesterday I found this band entirely by accident. I nearly dropped my laptop, and in catching it, hit the mouse pad, and ended up on The Roches Spotify page, and began playing this song. I’d never heard this band, but was happy I had found this song by such freak accident. The sister trio pack a powerful punch of unique harmonies that I’m finding I can listen to all day.

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Liza Anne Interview


Fangirls! A month or so back, we chatted about the lovely sounds of Liza Anne and her upcoming album. Now, that upcoming album is out for the world to oodle over. I figured there couldn’t be a better time to talk to the new artist than upon the release of her first album. So that’s just what I did, Fangirls. Thanks to the wonder of email, I was able to talk a bit with Liza Anne about her music and her new album The Colder Months.

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Music Review: Radical Face


Fangirls! When browsing around for a new band to listen to, this crazy thing happened where I actually really liked the first band I came across. I typically search around for a bit, until something really strikes me. The music of Radical Face got me right on the first try. Their music is an unlikely appreciation for me, a quieter more acoustic sound, but that’s what makes them a certainly exciting find.

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