ConnectiCon 2014: Cosplay Work


So, last year I told you all about the building of the prop for my Marshall Lee cosplay; the axe bass. This year I wanted to improve upon it, just as I have been improving upon the cosplay itself. The plan was to somehow reinforce the neck of the bass which was previously flimsy to the point where too much weight could have easily broken it. Read More »

Nerds Gotta Eat: Ricardio’s Marzipan Hearts

Fangirls! Tomorrow, Valentine’s Day will be upon us. I’m not afraid to say that I love this holiday, just because I’m cheesy and I just like love. And treats. Which is why I made this tasty marzipan hearts! They’re much easier than they look, so they’re great to make in a pinch when you don’t have anything for your valentine & want to trick them into loving you so that you can actually hurt them but then Finn & Jake will come save them because you’re mean. You know, that ol’ chestnut.

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