Nerds Gotta Drink: Mabel Pines’ Spooky Brews

Fangirls, I just adore Gravity Falls. I think it’s one of the most rad shows out there, and I get so pumped that it’s a Disney show! A couple weeks ago I read Dipper & Mabel’s Guide to Mystery and Nonstop Fun, and one of the activities in it were two drinks, suggested by Mabel. Originally there was no alcohol in them, but I changed the recipes just a bit, so there could be some!


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On Growing Up With an Alcoholic

Hey Fangirls, today we’re going to get a little serious, and delve into my past a bit.  I know I’ve mentioned some of this in passing before, but for a significant amount of my life, I lived with an alcoholic. My father, for almost the entire time I’ve known him, has struggled with addiction.  He has a severely addictive personality, which is something he (regrettably) passed on to me.


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