Wonder Woman

I’m a week late to seeing this movie, but I feel like I’ll make up for it by seeing it a thousand more times. It’s the super hero movie I’ve been waiting for. Yes, I am normally and always will be a Marvel girl. Yes, I wish and hope and pray that Marvel figures it out and gives more than just Captain Marvel her own movie (don’t get me wrong I am super excited for some Carol Danvers). And yes, I was worried about Wonder Woman given DC’s track record. But I needn’t have been, because she is the hero we deserve and the hero we need.

wonder woman

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The Fangirl’s Dream Basket

I know that Easter isn’t a huge gift givin holiday, but that doesn’t stop me from going all heart eyes for cute, springy things this time of year. Though I don’t expect any of this stuff in my basket (yes I still get a basket and it says “Princess” on it, so), there are some really cute things that I would love to become a part of my collections.


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Appdicted: Comixology

Alright Fangirls, I know for a long time I’ve been a strictly physical comics person, but things have changed. Living over an hour from my favorite comic shop has put a hurt on my collecting; it’s difficult to get there, it’s tough to have comics in time for reviews when it’s so far away, and it’s just all around hard to not have comics in my life all the time. So I redownloaded Comixology, and gave it another shot.


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Fangirl Wishlist: Emily

Its that time of year again, Fangirls! Last year we had different ladies and gents from all over the internet write up a short wishlist of the rad and nerdy things they wanted for the holidays! And now, we’re bringing it back. Mine this year is going to feature both things that I already have (but recommend to every Fangirl), and things that I desperately want in my life. I know it’s early to start on this, but my birthday is in November (so it’s two fold for me), but we also want to give you time to order things online!

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The Worrier’s Guide to Life by Gemma Correll

I was on Comixology the other day, looking to see if I could preorder Zodiac Starforce digitally (I don’t think I’ll be able to make it to the shop on the release day, August 26th), and found this absolutely perfect little collection. The Worrier’s Guide to life is a collection of adorable mini comics (usually just one or two pages), in simple color. It features comics that you’ve probably related to immensely on tumblr, all by Gemma Correll.


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