Playlist: American Mixtape

mericaIt hasn’t been that long since I last did a playlist, but when I saw that the 4th fell on a Saturday, I couldn’t help it. Here I have a giant heap of good ol’ American tunes to serve up to you, Fangirls. Some old, some new, some quintessential American jams. Read More »


Feminerd: #TheNew10

woman-on-10-dollar-bill-ftrIt’s finally happening, Fangirls. Just a few weeks ago, I talked about a campaign going on trying to get a woman to be put on the $20 dollar bill. Well, it’s not the $20, but the $10. Just this week, the Treasury announced some big ol’ news that we’ve all been waiting to hear for a long time. Read More »

Nerds Gotta Eat: Favorite Restaurants of the New York Capital Region

1171388So, Fangirls, for the past few weeks my kitchen has been being remodeled. It started with my faucet breaking, but then all of a sudden we were getting new cabinets, counter top, and the whole nine yards. With the kitchen officially dubbed as “closed” by my mother, being able making food at home is on hold. So, I figured now is the best time to show you some of my favorite restaurants that the Capital District has to offer!Read More »

Music: Mapei


Fangirls, I love the feeling of instantly falling for an artist. Sometimes, even with musicians that I adore, it takes a few listens for me to really get into and appreciate it. But sometimes, the moment I hear a song, I’m already enthralled with love & respect for the artist. As you may have guess, that’s exactly my experience with Mapei. Her music has a sort of depth to it that I can’t help but admire. Not to mention, I can just get down to this stuff.

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Movie: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo


Over the last month or so, Fangirls, I’ve been coming to terms with the realization that the sequels to the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo will never be made. It was quickly announced after the American version of the first story was released that the second & third would be following. But, it’s been a few years since then, and it seems as though the project has been abandoned. So, to soothe my sad heart, I figured it only best that I spew about my love for this movie, Fangirls.

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Feminerd: Women in the Workforce


Issues that women face in the workforce are one of the most frustrating things to me. It boggles me that a problem that has been so known to the world for so long is still a problem. Its quite an easy fix, too. The real problem, and the hardest part of solving the bigger picture, is that women being equal to men or in place of power is so foreign to most people. Women included.

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Villain Chat: Litchfield Prison

I thought that with this past week bringing the return of Orange Is The New Black to our lives, it would be a lovely time to switch around Villain Chat a bit. Rather than focusing on a person or people, OITNB gives us a great opportunity to shine the bad guy light on a place: Litchfield Prison. Litchfield is the prison in which OITNB takes place, and it gives me many, many reasons for my head to burst into flames in anger & frustration. Though this place is fictional, I think it gives a healthy dose of reality when it comes to the prison system of the United States.

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