Let’s Talk About: PinkCherry.com

9cad7f44452abe3cfd3963bcc88eNot everyone has the pleasure of living in a great city where you can have a trusted Babeland or other fabulous shop for buying sex toys, Fangirls. For now, I’m one of those people. It’s hard to find sites that you can trust or that even seem real to scope out and purchase sex toys. It’s a daunting world. Luckily, a few years ago, I discovered PinkCherry. Read More »


Let’s Talk About: Gay Sex Myths & Misconceptions

2000px-Gay_flag.svgOn a day like today, we have to get into some gay stuff. Surely, the sex lives of all the gay people who can now marry isn’t really any of our business, but I figured now is a good time to clear up some questions that people seem to ask me all the time. I’m not sure why people feel it’s alright to ask such bold questions about the details of the gay sex life, but hey, awareness is key and I’m hear to shed some light on the inter workings of the queer bedroom. Read More »

Let’s Talk About: Anilingus


I have noticed that recently, pop culture has really taken notice of the butt hole, Fangirls. Anilingus, also known as rimming, anal oral, eating ass, or tossing salad, has recently been mentioned in countless songs, viral videos, and common slang. With the topic’s rise in popularity, I figured that people must also be curious about it sexually. Fear not, I am here to inform those interested about all the rimming know-how your heart desires.Read More »

Let’s Talk About: Finding the Right Dildo for You

Funtoys_vibrators_byfunfactory61The world of sex toys can be awfully intimidating. Dildos are among the most commonly used, but that doesn’t make them any less overwhelming to learn about or look for than any other toys. There’s so much variety when it comes to dildos, which can seem daunting, but really, that’s the beauty of it. There’s a dildo out there to suit your needs exactly, you’ve just got to know where to start.

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STD Spotlight: Chlamydia

It’s time we got into the nitty gritty of things. We’ve talked protection, circumstance, contraction. However, there’s so much more to be covered when it comes to sexually transmitted infections. Chlamydia is arguably the most common STD in the United States. Some statistics seem to show that HPV is the most common, but for this sake, we’ll just say they’re tied. Chlamydia runs rampant on college campuses, is very easily contracted, but thankfully, can easily be avoided with a few steps, too. Read More »

Let’s Talk About: First Time Myths

There is a lot of hubbub surrounding the first time you have sex. Rumors of what will happen, possible side effects, the agonizing pleasure. Most of it, though, is completely false. It’s best to go into your first time totally aware of what is going to happen. However, that seems damn near impossible to do when all you hear are countless exaggerated, untrue tales & facts about The First Time. Read More »

Let’s Talk About: Lubricant

Lube is your friend, Fangirls & boys. I’ve found that a lot of people are afraid of, intimidated, and embarrassed by lube. Which, I can find understandable. However, it doesn’t need to be that way. Luckily, be is becoming more & more popular and less of a taboo sort of sex item. It can be extremely helpful, and it’s proven to lead to more enjoyable sex & masturbation. So, I thought it was time to get the low down on the slippery stuff.

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