Appdicted: Urbanspoon


Fangirls, I adore food. Even more so, I love going out to get food. I love getting together with people, trying new restaurants & cuisines, it’s a whole experience. There’s nothing that encourages adventurous eating more than Urbanspoon. It’s a fantastic guide & tool for those who want to try new things, and need some inspiration & help in narrowing things down.

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Appdicted: Smarter Than You

Fangirls! Not long ago, while scrolling around for something new to distract me, I stumbled upon an interesting little app. I don’t have a lot of luck with¬†app¬†games, I get bored with them quickly, so I tend to focus more on productivity apps. However, this one is unique and fun enough to keep me playing. Smarter Than You is like an intense, more challenging rock, paper, scissors.

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Appdicted: Peak



I was delighted to discover this app, Fangirls. I think these new type of “brain training” games are important, especially when you’re not always using your brain to it’s potential. However, you always seem to have to pay a pretty penny for them. Pricey video games & apps costing up to $10, though helpful & extensive, just seem outrageous to me. To my luck, I stumbled upon Peak. Though it offers more in depth in-app purchases, Peak gives you a few great challenges that certainly get the gears turning in your brain.

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Appdicted: Yo!

Fangirls! A few months ago, I heard about an app that couldn’t have seemed stupider. After downloading it, though it’s still quite silly, it’s actually become an app I use daily. A few friends & I downloaded the app to check it out and have a good laugh. However, we all ended up having a lot of fun with it, and it proved itself to be pretty useful. Yo! has arrived to make you giggle, simplify things, and most importantly, say yo.

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Appdicted: Tinder

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Greetings, Fangirls! So now that Emily discussed Badoo a few weeks ago, I thought that we’d also have to shed some light on the world of Tinder. Tinder is an ever popular dating app that these days almost everyone I know is on. I use it myself, and though I have actually had some success & met some cool people, I do have some bones to pick with this one.

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