Hotel Transylvania 3

I know Hotel Transylvania movies re for kids. I know I’m 25 years old and still living for animated movies. And I know everyone is watching Infinity War. But I loved Hotel Transylvania 3.

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Regular Show

We have Hulu, and it’s helping us take binge-watching to another level. Sure, we have Netflix too, but they don’t always have the same shows. Regular Show is one of those shows that is on Hulu, but not Netflix. It’s hilarious and we started it last week, and are about 4 season deep at this point.


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Secret Life of Pets

About a week and a half ago, I had the pure pleasure of going to the drive-ins with some of my friends. We had a low-key sort of goodbye party for me, and instead of doing it at someone’s house, we went to the drive-ins. There, we saw Secret Life of Pets and Tarzan. I fell asleep about half-way through Tarzan, but I loved Secret Life of Pets.


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The Good Dinosaur

Fangirls, we all know how I feel about Disney and Pixar. They’re my OTP, my faves and baes, the queen and king. I love them so much. So of course I knew I would be going to see the Good Dinosaur as soon as I could. So, the night it came out, my friend and I went to see it after work. I told her that I knew I would be crying by the end of it, so it was likely that she would tear up at some point.


And oh boy, did we.

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Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 is a phenomenal movie that came out this past Friday.  It is the first full length animated Disney / Pixar / Marvel team up, and it’s based off of a comic.


From what I’ve heard, the comic isn’t all that great (racist and not very female friendly), but the movie is just lovely.  Be wary, ahead there are some spoilers.

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