Fangirls, I’m exhausted. I feel like I’m using that as an excuse, but it’s the truth. There have barely been any updates in the past couple of weeks because I have been mega stressed and trying to figure some stuff out. I’m working on moving, figuring out the new schedule, finding a job while still working at my current position, and trying to remain healthy and active. I feel like I’ve fallen behind in every aspect of my life; I’m becoming complacent and its destroying me.

My exercise habits have fallen, my body is almost always hurting, and I don’t feel like I will get past this new plateau that I’ve reached. I’m always tired, and I want nothing more than a week off where I can just focus on me; focus on exercising, meal prep and planning, writing, and getting enough sleep. But the earliest that will happen is August, so I’ve got to just fit it in the rest of the time. And that’s not fun. I feel like I’m failing not only you, but myself. And that’s not a fun feeling.

So I’m sorry. The bizarre intervals of articles are going to keep up until I can get my shit together in every way. I’m incredibly sorry that I keep using excuses, but I am doing all that I can.

Hey Fangirls,

I’ve got a little something to talk to you about. ¬†Things may be a bit scarce on here for the next few weeks. ¬†Not long, I promise, but things are a bit crazy at Fangirl HQ.

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Hey guys,

I just want to say that I’m sorry about the lack of posts today. Something is extremely wrong with my neck, I’m having issues turning it and moving my head, so typing & reading & writing is difficult to do. I’m really sorry, hopefully I will be able to type more this week. Thank you so much to NatalieCaileen for helping me with the typing (including this). I hope you all had superb weekend. Thank you for understanding, have a good night!

What happened yesterday?

So Fangirls, I’d like to apologize for yesterday. Being extremely thick at times, I forgot to let you know that looron has been super stressing about school (she’s graduating soon) and she is even out of state – without a computer. I don’t know how she can leave a computer, but that’s just me.

So, being a big poop, I was too busy reading comics to let you know that she was busy and to fill in for her. Walking Dead and Whovians Wednesdays will be back next week, with a vengeance, and for now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Tomorrow you can expect NatalieCaileen’s review of the fucking awesome Watsky show we saw this past Saturday, and the usual Fortress Friday. There may even be some coverage from the sweet video game tournament I’m a part of that’s happening tonight.

Again, I’m super sorry for my mind lapse, I hope you’ll forgive me Fangirls.