Harley Quinn Issue 24

Alright Fangirls. We’re back on the horse with Harley, and she’s on the mayor’s Back. This issue starts strong with HQ demanding to talk to the mayor. She thinks that he ordered the hit on Mason while he was in prison. After trying to save him, if you remember, she decided it would be best if he went to Arkham instead. But maybe that’s not the best idea.


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Harley Quinn Issue 23

Fangirls, the Clown Queen of Crime is absolutely killing it (pun intended). She’s got the mayor in a bit of a vice, working it with the Harley Gang, and about to go bust Mason out of prison. But she gets a call from a not-so-deceased enemy, and has to change her plans.


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Catwoman Issue 19

So usually, today I would be talking about several issues of Catwoman. But during issue 19, the series pushes you into the Justice League of America issues. So I picked up the recommended two (#3 & 4), but serious shit goes down in 4, that I couldn’t just forget. So I went on the search for 5 as well, found it, and this is what happens.


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Batman: Joker’s Daughter

Hey Fangirls. I know awhile back I mentioned my dislike for the Joker’s Daughter, a character introduced in Catwoman and given her own Villain Comic. Her story for the comic itself was weird and lame, but her backstory (as Duela Dent) is interesting. Duela is a character who basically hopped from villain to villain, calling herself their daughters. She worked with Catwoman and Scarecrow, among others.


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Batman Orphans

A couple of months ago I got this 2 part short run at ConnectiCon. I like short runs and I consider myself a Batfan, so I thought why not? The parts were both released in February of 2011, and created by Eddie Berganza, Carlo Barbering, and Juan Vlasco. I’m not going to say it was my favorite Batbook, but it wasn’t the worst I’ve seen.

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