Olympus Bound trilogy by Jordanna Max Brodksy

I both love and hate trilogies. I love them because they give us a chance to explore a world that wouldn’t be fully fleshed out in one book. I dislike them because they’re only three books and it just feels like not nearly enough time within the world created. I just finished a trilogy called the Olympus Bound trilogy by Jordanna Max Brodsky. It blends the modern world with the mythos of Ancient Greece in such a wonderful way.


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Lumberjanes Issues 7-9

Fangirls, I know I’m waaaaaay behind on Lumberjanes, but I love getting to re-experience them as I reread them for you.  The series is celebrating passing a year full of comics and now has a trade out, which is fantastic.  Lumberjanes was supposed to only be a 6 issue run, but has become so much more than that, and I’m really glad I’ve been able to experience it.


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Wonder Woman: Issues 31-35 & Future’s End

In my time as a Fangirl, I have loved a lot of things.  When I started reading I fell in love with books, I fell in love with the Harry Potter series, with Lord of the Rings, with Disney, and many other things.  But I’ve never loved a comic so much that I was actually saddened to see it end.  With graphic novels, I’ve felt that the complete story ends so well, that it isn’t a huge deal when it ends, but with this Wonder Woman comic, I’m very upset that it’s over.


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