Feminerd: On Being a Woman in a Hardware Store

So, Fangirls, I’m completely overhauling my room. It’s look the same since I arrived there when I was born, and it’s safe to say that it doesn’t suit me any more, and never really did. Changing my room requires a lot of trips to the hardware store. I love hardware stores, I always have, what I don’t like however, is the experiences I have with people there. They like to remind me that a woman’s place is not in a hardware store. Read More »


Villain Chat: Krampus

krampus_23With the holidays fast approaching, we must think of all the special seasonal characters that come around to excite us. We certainly can’t forget the few that exist to scare us, too. However, in traditional American holiday time, there’s not really any characters that exist to frighten us. So, I figured we could borrow one from another culture for awhile, and learn about the odd and frankly terrifying ways of Krampus.

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Movie: GirlTrash – Up All Night


Sometimes it’s when you’ve dug too deep, Fangirls, other times it’s right out in the open for you to find. It’s not very tough to come across really, really weird movies on Netflix. This one some how came right to me on my home page, peeking my curiosity. A group of lesbians, doing their thing in LA. Sounded familiar. Then, I read “musical”. I could not pass up watching this.
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On: Traveling

August brings a whole lot of trips our way, Fangirls. In preparing for them, I’ve found myself thinking a lot about traveling itself and it’s importance. I think that most people as humans feel the need to search & see much more beyond where ever they are most of the time. Vacations, road trips, everyone seems to always be striving for those things. Even if you don’t necessarily dislike where you live, I think people just always have the urge to get up and go, and get out of their normal surroundings. I think it does the brain and the body a whole lot of good. Which is good, because with trips to four different places coming up this month, I better want to get my butt out of town.

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Madoka Magica: Not a Good Magical Girl Anime

Mahou-Shoujo-Madoka-Magica-So, recently I sat down and breezed through Madoka Magica on Netflix. It only took me about a day or so and most a bag of popcorn, but I watched all 12 episodes. I had heard a lot about it but never really knew anything about it other than the fact that it featured young girls in lolita-like dresses and that m friend once spent an unreasonable amount of money for a small figure of the main character at the last ConnectiCon.Read More »