Wonder Woman at Super Hero High by Lisa Yee

Fangirls, as I was perusing Target the other day, a book caught my eye. Now, I know that I said I’ve been having issues finishing books lately; due to time or interest, or whatever, but as soon as I saw this book, I knew it had to come home with me. I was so excited to see that the DC Super Hero Girls had come out with a book, that I lost my mind. When I got home that night, I started reading it, and got about halfway through, before realizing that it was 11pm and I had to get up for work in a couple hours.


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Batgirl Annual 3

Fangirls, I’m usually not a huge fan of Annual comics. They tend to be unnecessary and just too much. They usually don’t add to the storyline at all, and cost money, so I always want to skip them, but I never risk it. With Batgirl Annual 3, though, I was really glad I read it.


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Batman: A Death in the Family

Fangirls, I feel like I’ve missed out a ton, not having read this book.  Batman: A Death in the Family by Jim Starlin, Jim Aparo, and Mike DeCarlo is a crazily controversial book about the death of Jason Todd.  It’s controversial not only because he died, but because readers voted for him to die.  There was a phone poll, that readers could call and pay 50 cents to vote if Jason Todd should live or die.  The poll was incredibly close, and death won by by just 72 votes, so Todd was doomed to die by Joker’s hands.


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Batgirl Issue 40

Fangirls, as soon as I saw the cover of Batgirl 40, I knew my predictions had come true. I had a feeling that Barbara Gordon’s algorithm had become corrupted and started blabbing her secrets to everyone; contacting her boyfriend and telling him things, getting the world against Barbara. But I didn’t realize how far back it went.

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Batgirl Issue 38

Fangirls, part of me just wants to talk about all of the cute boys in Barbara Gordon’s life, and part of me doesn’t.  But who needs that second part, right?  She’s got the adorable professor (who is way into her), Qadir (who maybe isn’t but is still really great), and now Officer Liam Powell, who is actually dating her!  Get it, girl.


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Batgirl: Wanted (Issues 23, 24, & 26)

Hello you high flying Fangirls! Last time, Barbara was dealing with the Ventriloquist (a psychopath who uses a puppet to kill), and the fact that she killed her brother. That’s a lot to think about. Plus she doesn’t feel worthy of the Bat symbol anymore, so she hasn’t been wearing it, and is giving up the name. Ouch. So let’s dive in to what she’s dealing with now; her father’s obsession with her arrest.


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