Lush’s Bubbly Solid Shower Gel

Before I went to the Creative Showcase, I heard that Lush was trying out a new, Solid Shower Gel. I kind of did what I assume most people did and said, “isn’t that just soap?” and along with many other people I was both right and wrong. Solid shower gels are a big part of Lush’s Go Naked campaign. They are a way to reduce packaging and therefore help out the environment a bit, and they feel great. So let’s get right into it!

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Lush’s Green Bubbleroon Bubble Bar

I’ve mentioned my recent addiction to Lush Cosmetics a couple times, and it’s because it’s almost all that I think about. This year I’m working hard, but also making sure I give myself big comfy rewards through pampering. When I give myself a present, it tends to be things like accessories and makeup, but with my recent discovery of Lush, my presents are becoming less about what I have, and more about how I feel.


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