Beauty and the Beast

I’ve been on vacation, but I knew I needed to take the time and go see the new Beauty and the Beast film. I grew up with Belle as a personal hero. Heck, I’m the same age as the original cartoon. It’s literally been with me my whole life. When I heard about the new version, all I had was excitement. And I certainly was not disappointed.

beauty and the beast

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Villain Chat #3 : Gaston


I have to admit, as much of an idiot Gaston is, I love him. He’s the ultimate foil to Belle in Beauty and the Beast, but he still wants her.

Gaston is a primeval creature, and I think Disney does a really good job of creating the “pig” that women so often refer to men as. Gaston is that pig, like Clayton in Tarzan. They’re both these massive jerks who think all the women want them.
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